The Vancouver Dog Obedience Training Club is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for over 50 years. Our goal is to provide affordable dog training classes, with expert instruction, for people who want to train their dog at any level. Classes are taught by well known dog experts such as Stanley Coren and Ward Falkner.

Our classes include:


¨ Beginners

¨ Advanced Beginners

These two classes are for people who are just beginning their dog’s training or who simply want to train a family pet to be under control and to be a civilized and well behaved companion.


¨ Novice

¨ Open

¨ Utility

These three classes give instruction in advanced obedience exercises and are designed for people who want to teach their dogs higher level skills, such as those needed to compete in obedience competitions and to earn titles and degrees such as those offered by the Canadian Kennel Club



Vancouver Dog Obedience Training Club

For more information and pre-registration call Barbara at                 604-921-7834 or contact us at