® Our classes present the material in a logical, easy to follow, step-by-step fashion


® We teach gentle methods, including positive reinforcement,


® We believe that a well- trained dog is the product of a WELL TRAINED AND EDUCATED OWNER.


® We also believe that a good, solid bond between handler and dog is essential.†


® Each of our† instructors provides an example of how the human-dog bond works in their relationship with their own dogs.†† We invite our students to watch them compete in the obedience ring or demonstrate an exercise in class to see enthusiastic dogs that love their handlers as much as they love working for them!


®  We come highly recommended by top local breeders, veterinarians, and animal shelters. In fact, many breeders and vets also enroll their own dogs in our classes!


® The success of our program is based upon our instructors. Some of them are nationally known for the performance of their dogs or other dog-related activities.



Our Training Methods

Text Box: Training dogs is easyóitís training their owners thatís the hard part.

For more information and pre-registration call Barbara† at 604-921-7834† or contact us at info.vdotc@gmail.com

Reward based teaching methods† make training fun for both dogs and owners