Our Instructors

All of our instructors are active in dog related activities, participating in dog obedience competitions, field dog trials and conformation shows. All have trained dogs to win obedience titles and advanced degrees. Some of our instructors have written books and articles about dog training and behavior. Here is an alphabetic listing of several of our instructors.


¨ Barbara Baker: has been with the VDOTC for nearly 50 years. She is a well known trainer who has taught difficult breeds of dogs and had them win obedience championships. She has not only had the top obedience terrier in Canada, but has had a dog that was the third highest ranking obedience competitor in the country.


¨ Stanley Coren: is well known for his many best-selling books on dogs, such as The Intelligence of Dogs, How to Speak Dog, and How Dogs Think. He also hosted a national television show Good Dog. To learn more about him just click here.


¨ Barbara Merkley: has more than 40 years of experience as a dog obedience instructor, dog obedience and show dog competitor. She is also a dog breeder. Many of her Shetland Sheep dogs have earned national obedience trial championships and titles. been top-ranked performers in their breed.

¨ Owen Sopotiuk has been training and competing in dog obedience trials since 2003. He and his standard poodle Montana have earned many competition titles and were ranked as the #2 Standard Poodle and #7 Non-sporting Breed competitors in Canada in 2008. He concentrates on competition obedience based on a foundation of handler and dog engagement and positive/motivational training methods.

¨ Susan Bridgeman has lived with dogs her whole life, but has only recently become interested in advanced training and obedience competition.  She is competing in obedience trials with her English Cocker Spaniels. Her lengthy career as a librarian has taught her how to interact with people well and given her a comfortable and well received teaching style.

¨ Carly Teillet has been training and competing in dog obedience and rally obedience with her Bernese Mountain Dogs since 2010. She and her young Berner, Watson started their show season with a huge success earning their first title (C.D.) with 3 high in class. ​Her light-hearted teaching style is much appreciated by students.

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Carly Teiliet